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Software for all who use email regularly:

Quick Reply Box

Quick Reply
You can write quickly!

Are you constantly replying to a lot of e-mail messages? Answer the same questions in the forums? Often fill web forms? Does it take much of your time and effort? Quick Reply is ready to take all the work upon itself and to spare you all those tiring re-writings of similar phrases and even entire messages!

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Software and services for all who wish to send stylish and beauteous email messages:

We have to inform you that we cease to support and release new version of Signature Creator. You can still download the program and use it, but new version will not longer be released.
We recommend you to use MyLiveSignature.com for creating and animating signatures.

Signature Creator Box

Signature Creator
Personalize your email messages!

It is a simple tool, based on two wizards: "Handwritten" Signature Designer and Email Signature Creator.
"Handwritten" Signature Designer creates an image of a desired "handwritten" signature.
Email Signature Creator builds a signature with your name, a company name, a logo, an homepage and an email in it. You can easily use this signature in your email client.

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Smiling Writing Box

Smiling Writing
Add a beauty, senses and emotions to your email messages!

Smiling Writing adds to your keyboard a new ability to fast and easy insert smiles, emoticons, magic letters and other beautiful things into email messages. You can use 'smiles' and 'alphas' from our evergrowing library as well as add your own with Smiling Writing Set Editor. It works well with most popular email clients: Outlook Express, Oulook, Incredimail and Netscape.

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Animated Signature Box

Animated Signature
Breathe a life and your presence into signatures!

It is possible to add an energy of your presence to your email signatures. An "hand-written" animation is the better way to do this! We offer a set of animation services for you to animate your scanned signatures or signatures created by Signature Creator.

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