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Animate a scanned Signature

It is possible to animate your Signature from a scanned picture. We offer you to make a custom animation set from an image of your hand-written signature. Look at the example:

You send us your scanned signature picture:

Scanned signature picture

And get a fine tuned signature image and four animations:

A tuned Signature
A tuned Signature
Normal tempo
Normal tempo animation
Fast tempo
Fast tempo animation
Looped normal tempo
Looped normal tempo animation
Looped fast tempo
Looped fast tempo animation

Getting your animated signature:

  1. First of all you should pay for a signature animation. An animation of a scanned signature costs only $19.95. This price includes a signature fine tuning and production of four animation files (normal tempo, looped normal tempo, fast tempo, looped fast tempo). Click here to order.
  2. After you have paid, prepare your signature and scan it. Please write your signature on a blank white paper using black ink. Save the scanned image in JPG format. You may use any other format but JPG is eligible.
  3. Check that the scanned signature image doesn't exceed 800 KB and send it to animate@erstenware.com. Please don't forget to write your order ref.number also.
  4. You will receive your tuned signature image and four signature animations via e-mail soon (typically after 24-48 hours).

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