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Quick Reply
Latest Version: 2.14

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Liquidate all repetitious typing with
Quick Reply!

Are you constantly replying to a lot of e-mail messages? Answer the same questions again and again in forums? Often fill in web forms? Does it take much of your time and effort? Quick Reply is ready to take all the work upon itself and to spare you all those tiring re-writings of similar phrases and even entire messages!

Quick Reply is a tool that provides you with everything you need to quickly compose e-mail messages or any other texts consisting of frequently used sentences.

Quick Reply has the following features:
- dramatically increases your productivity and saves hours of work by liquidating all repetitious typing!
- organizing and maintaining a friendly database of your snippets, replies, texts, etc..
- Drag-and-Drop replies directly into any place of any window (not only email message editors)
- customizing replies on the fly
- inserting replies by Hot Keys or Macro Commands directly from any application
- working in full/compact/hidden modes
- placing replies on the Clipboard
- formatting reply contents
- 11 predefined reply insertions allow to insert the current date/time along with your other text
- Quick Reply is compatible with any program that can paste textual contents
- Quick Reply is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP

Trial version of Quick Reply has 15-day trial time period limitation.

Click here to watch the tutorial movie
The movie shows you how to create email messages by Quick Reply.

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