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Signature Creator
Latest Version: 1.12

Signature Creator Screenshot
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Signature Creator In Action!


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Personalize your email messages with
Signature Creator!

We have to inform you that we cease to support and release new version of Signature Creator. You can still download the program and use it, but new version will not longer be released.
We recommend you to use MyLiveSignature.com for creating and animating signatures.

Signature Creator is based on two wizards: "handwritten" signature designer and email signature creator:
- "Handwritten" signature designer creates an image of desired "handwritten" signature. You can adjust name, font, size, color and slant of your signature.
- Email signature creator builds signatures, which you can easily add in your email messages. You can enter few strings: your name, company name, homepage and email addresses with hyperlinks and place an image of your "handwritten" signature above this info.

Signature Creator is compatible with all email clients that support email signatures.

Trial version of Signature Creator has these limitations:
- trial time period.
- All signatures contain a "Created by Signature Creator. http://www.erstenware.com" note.

Click here to watch the movie
The movie shows you how to create handwritten and HTML signatures by Signature Creator and how to add them to Outlook Express.
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