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How did I create my signature tag by Signature Creator
(written by Alex Kaul the ErstenWare designer)

Signature Tags (Sig Tags) is the other way to personalize your e-mail messages! A signature tag consists of an expressive image and your "handwritten" signature.
Let's see how have I created my first signature tag...

I got the image below for my signature tag (sig tag). I painted and like it.

sig tag image

First of all I start Signature Creator and click Create Email Signature button.

signature tag 1

I check the Text radio item and clear the Text field. Then I click the Next button.

signature tag 2

I use the Select Sign button, but I load my image instead of a signature. Then I click the Next button.

signature tag 3

I don't need to change the default image position, so I click the Next button and save this intermediate result image. Now I should repeat these steps to lay my Signature over the intermediate image. Finally, I have:

sig tag

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