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How to add smileys and emoticons from forums, chats or other web pages to Smiling Writing

To add interesting images from web pages (particularly, smileys from forums, bulletin boards or chats) to your set, follow these instructions:
- save image or animation into temporary directory on your hard drive (right-click in Internet Explorer on image you wish to add and select 'Save Picture as...' option).
- launch Smiling Writing Set Editor.
- select Smiles set (or create new) to add smile.
- select a key in list you wish to assign to new smile.
- at the bottom of Smiling Writing Set Editor click browse and choose your file in temporary directory.
- click Apply! and new smile will be activated.
Have fun!

Also, we build gallery of emoticons and smileys that we have found in internet. You can use them to create your own set of smileys or emoticons to use with Smiling Writing. Click here to get them!

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