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Library of Smileys, Emoticons and Alphas

Non-commercial Alpha and Smiley Face Icon Sets (For All Users)

Installation Notes
1. Download set
2. Launch downloaded exe
3. Click Browse button and select root Smiling Writing directory (usually, C:\Program Files\Smiling Writing)
4. unpack and enjoy!

Smiley face icon from Set Alpha from Set Set Name Download Size
  'Handwritten' Alpha Set hw_alphas.exe 92kb
Happy New Year Smile Happy New Year Alpha 'Happy New Year!' Smileys and Alphas happyny.exe 84kb

Also, we build gallery of emoticons and smileys that we have found in internet (over 600 items). You can use them to create your own set of smileys or emoticons to use with Smiling Writing. Click here to get them!

Commercial Alpha Sets (For Registered Users only):

Installation Notes
1. Download set to Smiling Writing Import directory (usually, C:\Program Folder\Smiling Writing\Import)
2. Launch Smiling Writing Set Editor
3.Click Import button and select downloaded file

Currently there are 324 animations in 9 sets.

Alpha from Set Set Name Download Size
Cyber Alphabet Set Alpha 'Cyber Alphabet' cyber_alphabet.alp 75kb
Golden Alphabet Set Alpha 'Golden Alphabet' golden_alphabet.alp 106kb
Neon Alphabet Blue  Set Alpha 'Neon Alphabet - Blue' neon_alphabet_blue.alp 143kb
Neon Alphabet Red Set Alpha 'Neon Alphabet - Red' neon_alphabet_red.alp 152kb
Saltatory Alphabet Azure Set Alpha 'Saltatory Alphabet - Azure' saltatory_alphabet_azure.alp 141kb
Saltatory Alphabet Blue Set Alpha 'Saltatory Alphabet - Blue' saltatory_alphabet_blue.alp 140kb
Saltatory Alphabet Green Set Alpha 'Saltatory Alphabet - Green' saltatory_alphabet_green.alp 140kb
Saltatory Alphabet Yellow Set Alpha 'Saltatory Alphabet - Yellow' saltatory_alphabet_yellow.alp 141kb
Wavering Light Set Alpha 'Wavering Light' wavering_light.alp 111kb

New sets will be available soon!

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