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Smiling Writing - Begin Using

Step 1. Activate Smiling Writing
Simply start program. If program started you will see icon Smiling Writing Icon in system tray. To show main window right-click on this icon and select show (or hide if you wish to hide window).
- If you wish to autorun Smiling Writing on windows startup then check 'Autorun Smiling Writing' in Options Tab.
- Alternatively, to show Smiling Writing window you can press <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Shift>+F12 from any place.

Step 2. Prepare your email message
Choose create new email message from your email client and set blinking cursor to place where you would like to insert Smile or Alpha.

Step 3. Insert Smile or Alpha
Now, press <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Key>, where <Key> is a key of desired Smile or Alpha. Alternatively, you can show Smiling Writing window and press Insert It button.

Step 4. Add new Smiles and Alphas to Smiling Writing
Register Smiling Writing and get access to library of smiles and alphas. Download and import new Alphas and Smiles sets to Smiling Writing Set Editor.

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